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Opens  Thursday

The Country Underdog Award Show will be filmed live in Longview, Tx on January 23rd. This is an awesome opportunity to bring recognition to "Underdog" country music artists everywhere. Below enter your nominee for an award. You may nominate an artist for more than one award. 

One nominee per person per award.


Nominee Requirements:

0-1,000,000 Monthly Spotify Listeners

In the Red Dirt, Americana, Independent Country/Rock Genre

A person/band/song deserving of more recognition

Award Categories

  • Underdog of The Year

  • Best Song

  • Best Album

  • Best Single

  • Best New Artist

  • Best Non-Texas Band

  • Best Female Artist

  • Best Male Artist

  • Best Band

  • Best Duo/Group

  • Best Music Video

  • Best Music Venue

  • Best Producer

  • Best Manager

  • Best Young Artist (18 & Under)

  • Best Roots/Alternative

  • Best Non-Streaming Artist

  • Best Quarantine Single

  • Best Quarantine Album

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