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We currently have a website promoting lesser-known country music artists. Our goal is to help make their dreams come true. The funds will be used for our promotional ads, legal documents like becoming an LLC, and to support our artists that sign on with our record company when it comes to producing new music. We support Texas Country, Red Dirt, and Independent artists who don't get the recognition they deserve.

We have the goal of opening up our own studio within the next two years that will host live music with our underdog artists, podcasts, youtube videos, and everything else. 

Country Underdog is currently only an entertainment website and shop with a following of 1,600 on Instagram. The followers include bands in our genre and loyal fans growing every day. Our plan is to branch off into a record label business and management business to support artists in their endeavors. Below is our planned business structure! With your help we can make a big impact on struggling "underdog" artists. Goto our website Country Underdog  and listen to the great music!

Artists nowadays lean more towards putting their music out independently instead of signing with a major record label because major labels take most of their money and control. We want to give artists freedom as well as all the tools and promotion to become stars.

Any donation will go directly to our business fund and help me live my dream, making dreams come true.

-Founder, Reed McDonald