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Who We Are

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Reed McDonald

Founder & CEO

Reed founded Country Underdog in 2019 to help make artists' dreams come true by promoting artists and building the brand's that is Country Underdog. All so the underdog artists' can finally be heard. Reed works tirelessly every day on everything from social media to the website so that CU is the best it can be to help make dreams come true.


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Lorenzo Soriano

Podcast Co-Host

A.K.A. "Mike Sancho" Lorenzo is a valuable member of our team becoming a bigger part of what we are doing every day. Co-Host of our podcast and is the creative mind behind our Tweets. 

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Preston Rackley

Creative Strategist

Preston is a guy that holds us together and keeps us honest, whether it's discussing pros and cons of new business ventures, coming up with new merch ideas, or writing articles. He has always been there for Country Underdog and the boys since college.

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Jack marion


Jack is the lead singer of The Pearl Snap Prophets. We really believe in him and his music, and he believes in CU. So we thought with his musical influences and the fact that he himself is an artist. Who better to write about "Underdog" artists than an "Underdog" artist? P.S. check out The Pearl Snap Prophets.

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