The Ever Intriguing Robynn Shayne

We have quite an impressive album release for you. Robynn Shayne dropped her new album, “Let’s Get This Show On The Road”. First let me start with my first experience seeing her live. It was this year at @musicfest. I was immediately impressed with the strength of this female artist on stage and her fun personality reflected in her music. She was up there just having a good time with some of Texas music’s greatest artists.

Now on to this album. We start it off with a fun song that plays as an album opener and a title song. Getting this show on the road is exactly what is about to happen. The album has a comforting 90’s country feel to it. The sound of the album brings a warm feeling that makes it so easy to listen to. I also appreciate that she didn’t rely on a bunch of songs filled with trigger lyrics to get the fans hooked in. Instead she kept a strong lyrical album that reflects her true art as a songwriter. I also appreciate the vulnerability she puts on the table for the listener to dissect. You can’t fake that and it does not go unnoticed. Robynn even put a cover on “One Way or Another” to add a little edge to the album. The only downside about this album is that it left me wanting more! Great work Robynn! Can’t wait to hear it live soon!

Give her a listen and keep an eye out for more music coming soon!

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