Pecos and the Rooftops Drop Their Debut E.P "Red Eye"

What do big dreams, great musical chemistry, and drinking Keystone Light all have in common? Pecos & The Rooftops.

Pecos & The Rooftops are a band based out of Lubbock, Texas that has been gaining traction all around the Red Dirt and Texas Country scene. Their new E.P. "Red Eye" came out last Friday and has received a ton of praise. Many people say it only takes one hit song to kickstart your career, and with them, that is true on a whole new level. Their first single, "This Damn Song" has been streamed over 2 million times since its release last April. Not too shabby for a group of best friends making music for fun.

Now their new E.P. "Red Eye" is making waves in the community with heaps of fans taking to social media to show their love with posts like "Whole album on repeat", "I've got a new favorite song from this E.P. every day", and one guy even said he signed up for Spotify premium just for the album. That is amazing. Lead singer Pecos Hurley's deep, gruff, and recognizable voice is absolutely perfect for their sound and lyrics. Their songs are typically about heartbreak with slow melody but have twists with a rockin' country edge and it works big time. Our favorite song on the E.P. is "Leave Me Lonely" which we have listened to at least 100 times the past few days. The song was originally written by Pecos Hurley and his friend Will Mckenzie in 2017 about a bad breakup.

We originally sat down last August with Pecos & The Rooftops to discuss "This Damn Song" and the band's roots back in August when the song was just starting to gain popularity. All the guys are Texas-born, drink Keystone, and have big dreams to pursue a career in music. We asked them about their music influences growing up and how they have shaped the band. "We started off with old country souls like George Strait, and now are more influenced by Koe Wetzel, Flatland Cavalry, and The Turnpike Troubadours." Their favorite part about their line of work is getting to play the music they want and just flat out jam.

"This Damn Song" was a co-write between lead singer Pecos Hurley and fellow band member Kalen Davis. Kalen came up with the main chorus after going through a breakup with a girl he thought was going to be the one. So one drunk night up at 4 am he was playing the piano and came up with the chorus, "Hate that I'm still up, drunk as fuck, At 4 A.M. writing this damn song". Pecos wrote all the verses and the last chorus. His story behind it: "I dated this girl for two years and we were planning on getting engaged, it didn't happen, so I went out Lubbock after the fallout and met a girl from Stephenville. We started talking and there could have been a future but I cut it loose because I wasn’t ready for another girl yet. Got my hopes up." It's very unique for a song to be written from the perspective of two different heartbreaks.

The band is eager to start playing bigger venues. That is all starting to happen beginning THIS FRIDAY when they will be opening for Kolby Cooper at The Silver Saloon in Terrell, Tx. Country Underdog will be there and we can't wait! There are big things in store for this talented group of friends and we are just happy to be along for the ride.

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