Muscadine Bloodline Releases "Burn It at Both Ends"

If you've been listening to Red Dirt for a while, chances are you have a favorite Muscadine Bloodline song. Get ready to have 11 new favorites- after five years of hard work and 6 EPs, Muscadine Bloodline released their debut album on Friday September 25!

With excitement building after their EP Boys being released only 7 months earlier, Burn It at Both Ends combines the reckless and fun energy of Boys with their unapologetic country sound from their first EP Muscadine Bloodline.

Burn It at Both Ends starts off strong with its title track. "Burn It at Both Ends" lets you know from the start that the whole album is about to be fire. "Drunk Tattoo" follows up with the same red-dirt rock and roll party vibes. Then again, with a song called "Drunk Tattoo," what else would you expect but a song about girls, drinking and an all around wild night?

"The Deep End" slows it down for a moment with a love song about a girl you can't get off your mind. "The Deep End" has had me walking around all weekend singing "Its like I fell in the deep end, drowning and sinking, girl when I'm sleeping Ima dreamin' 'bout you all the time." The next song "See You Tomorrow" is another love song written for Charlie Muncaster's wife. It's a beautiful song written about wishing to never say good night. Honestly, what more could a girl ask for?

"After Midnight" is my personal favorite song on this album. With lyrics like "There's something 'bout being somewhere you ain't supposed to be, you and me burning down the night," "After Midnight" is the perfect midnight party anthem. I know this one will be on my playlist for years to come.

Burn It at Both Ends also features three collaborations. "Here Goes Nothing" with Jordan Fletcher is a love song about taking a risk to be with the person you want. "Ain't Just the Van" with American Aquarium's Bj Barham is an edgy song about life on the road and the struggles of skipping meals, sleepless nights and selfish friends. With lines like "Ain't just the van that's on the verge of breaking down," the love-hate relationship with life on the road is clear to see. "Good Chunk of Change" with Brent Cobb and Adam Hood has a similar theme, but more upbeat. Life has problems, but at least their "saving a good chunk of change."

Check out Burn It at Both Ends available everywhere now!

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