Dalton Domino: Feverdreamer Review

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Track List Review

1. We’re all gonna die:

From the first string plucked, you gotta look back and make sure the song title is what you clicked on. That being said, it has an uplifting beat that sheds light on something most people dread. Good attitude. Interesting choice to start off the album. I wonder if the time we are in had anything to do with it.

2. Wild horses:

Another upbeat song that gives a little more insight into the poetry that courses through this man's veins. The song can be seen from many different lights. It’s likely touching on someone the writer never met but hears of his great achievements both as a man and a family idol. Wraps back around to tie in the female who is possibly the daughter. That’s my take and it tells a great story.

3. Either Way:

This is easily my favorite song on the album. Some songs reach out and smack you right upside the head. This is it for me. Anyone who has seen Dalton live can agree with me when I say his whole heart goes into every lyric in his music. Not a song is by coincidence. The story is a relationship that he is damned staying and damned going because it’s not going to sit in his heart either way. I’m sure I’m not the only one who relates to this one. Check it out!

4. Better Days:

Here is a song for not only a father to a son, but a lesson we should all listen to and take to heart. The way Dalton is able to effortlessly talk through these lyrics like he’s on the phone talking to a friend is a talent that is subconsciously appreciated. It’s something he possesses as an artist that sets him apart. It shows on this track.

5. Best I Ever Had:

Here’s another tear-jerker from the man who can make a crowd weep one second and break out laughing the next. This song can play in so many settings but all bring you back to one thing, a lost love. Great story.

6. Level Me:

Songwriters, upcoming artists, poets, and everyone in-between, take notes! This album is filled with great songs. But the pain and drive behind this song push it to the top. He can talk right to you without being there. CAUTION THERES SOME LANGUAGE. But it emphasizes the pain and I think it’s well placed.

7. I’ve Gone Crazy:

Same brother. Same. We’ve been there. Still doing it today. I just hope you’re doing well. I hope this song brings peace to others who relate. Some people react in a damaging way out of regret. This is your song. That being said there’s light on the other side and I think that’s where he was going with it.

8. Honey, I Still Got You:

Song for the common person just trying to make it. When life throws you curveballs, it’s great to have a loved one to lean on. Take a journey down a middle-income America mixed with a relationship built on the right foundation. Great work on this one.

9. Instead We Sang:

This song has a lot of warmth to it. I really like the whistle segment. Something about it places you in a setting of southern living with a simple life. Honest and slow. Can’t place my finger on where this one comes from but I’m sure, like all his songs, he has a story behind the story. That’s what makes DALTON DOMINO the best at what he does.



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