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Delivering a raucous but heartfelt mix of contemporary country and heartland rock, Dolly Shine are a band from Stephenville, Texas formed by singer and guitarist Zack McGinn and fiddler Wesley Hall. The group came together in 2010, taking their name from a horse rescued and raised by one of McGinn's friends. (The name is also a play on a Spanish-language expression, Dale Shine, which idiomatically translates as "go for it.") While the group's original lineup was flexible, with McGinn and Hall at the helm they soon developed a following on the Texas and Oklahoma touring circuit. In October 2011, the group released a self-titled six-song EP, and June 2013 saw them bring out a full-length album, Room to Breathe. The hard-working band dropped another EP, All In, in August 2014, while continuing to earn their reputation as a powerful live attraction. After a steady stream of musicians joined and left the band, Dolly Shine would finally settle on a stable lineup with McGinn and Hall joined by lead guitarist Jerrod Flusche, bassist Ben Hussey, and drummer Johnny Goodson.

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