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Bubba Westly

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Bubba Westly, an accomplished singer, musician, and songwriter, has been crafting his music skills since he was a child, raised in the church, and developing an early love of music through old hymns. His love of music compelled him to master numerous instruments, including proficiency in acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, and drums. It wasn't until after graduating high school and attending college on a baseball scholarship, that he realized his true calling was music and returned to pursuing his musical aspirations full-time.

Bubba Westly incorporates various influences into his music and they are apparent upon performance, yet maintaining a style that is truly original and all his own. This extraordinary artist performs each song with immense passion and excellence. Not only is Bubba Westly proficient in his vocal and musical abilities, but is also a skilled and born showman and rallies a crowd with his enthusiasm, charm, and witty chops.

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