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In My Defense, is a collection of ten carefully crafted songs that give Bri Bagwell's fans an inside peek of how this girl chasing a dream for over seven years, has blossomed into the woman living those dreams. As the record kicks in, haunting, echoey guitars set a tone of where the listener is going to go. “Asphalt & Concrete” paints a picture of a desert girl cutting loose and losing a bit of herself in the big city. Bri soars vocally singing, “I’m into sunsets and I love the sand, but i wasn’t myself in a disrupted land, with buildings and people and too many drinks in my hand.” Bri is constantly flirting with the lyric as she tussles, barefoot on the streets of Austin. “If You Were A Cowboy” follows and is slated as the first single releasing to radio and streaming. A hard driving, sexy, mid-tempo tune, Bri expands, “It wasn’t my intention to cut outside of my craft, but my producer Rachel Loy played me the song, and I instantly had to have it.” As this anthem drives, “if you had real dust on your boots, the kind that’s passed down from your roots, I bet I would fall for you, if you were a cowboy,” every woman feels the need for a strong man, but she also has no time for anything inauthentic. “Cheat on Me,” (co-write with Courtney Patton), “Graffiti,” “Ring a Bell” (co-write with Jody Booth), and “I Can’t Be Lonely,” each take on an autobiographical life of its own, coming together in a cohesive image of the woman that sings them.

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